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    Mobula hypostoma

    Dark black above, white below.  Pectoral fins ("wings") long and pointed.  Two large
    cephalic fins (rostra) protruding from front of head.  Mouth small, sub-terminal.  Tail whip-
    like, as long as the length of body and with no spine.

    Pelagic, occurs in shallow coastal waters and some bays, as well as open ocean waters.

    Feeds mainly on planktonic crustaceans but may consume small schooling fishes.

    Aplacental viviparity; usually 1 pup per litter

    Wingspan up to 4 feet.

    Human Factors
    Protected in Florida state waters.  Found singly, in small groups, and in schools.
    Swimming at high speed and often leap high above the surface. Of little danger to humans.

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