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Florida Keys Fish
Florida Keys Fish

    Snapper, Genuine red snapper, American reds,
    Spot snapper

    Harvesting Red Snapper
    Commercial fishermen mainly use hook and line gear (handlines and electric reels) to harvest
    red snapper. They attach multiple hooks to a vertical line and weight it at the bottom. They also
    sometimes use longlines and spears.

    In the Gulf of Mexico, hook and line fishermen are required to use circle hooks and dehooking
    devices to improve the chance of survival of any unintentionally caught fish. They’re also required
    to use venting tools when necessary. (When reef fish are brought quickly to the surface by hook
    and line, the gas in their swimbladder can overexpand. Venting tools  help deflate the abdominal
    cavity, preventing serious injury to the fish. This also helps the fish descend after being released.)
    Management also prohibits fishing in certain areas of the Gulf to protect sensitive fish
    populations and habitats.

    Also in the Gulf of Mexico, longlines used to harvest reef fish can also unintentionally catch
    loggerhead sea turtles. Several measures  are in place to reduce this bycatch in the Gulf of
    Mexico reef fish fishery, including certain times or areas where fishermen cannot fish, gear
    restrictions and handling requirements, and a limit on the number of vessels that can participate
    in the fishery.

    Harvest and possession of red snapper is currently prohibited in the South Atlantic.

    Red snapper are a favorite target for sport fishermen. In the Gulf of Mexico, managers allot 49% of
    the total allowable catch to the recreational fishery. Red snapper must be a certain size to be
    caught, and there is a limit on how many red snapper anglers can catch per day. The recreational
    fishing season is from June 1 to September 30 (but this varies year to year as it is subject to early
    closure if harvest projections indicate the season should be shorter). Charter vessels must have
    a permit. In the South Atlantic, red snapper typically must be a certain size to be caught, and there
    is a limit on how many red snapper anglers can catch per day. However, all harvest, including that
    by recreational fishermen, has been prohibited in the South Atlantic since 2010. In September
    2012, the recreational red snapper fishery in the South Atlantic will be temporarily reopened. The
    recreational season will open for two consecutive weekends of Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays,
    from September 14 through 16 and 21 through 23. During the recreational season, fishermen
    may keep one fish per person per day with no size limit. The 2012 recreational catch limit is 9,399

Red Snapper: Lutjanus
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