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-Sight fishing
-Light tackle fishing (spin/bait casters)
-Fly fishing
-Live Bait (shrimp, crabs, pinfish)
-Artificial Bait (jigs, lures)
-Bottom fishing
- Wreck/Reef-Light tackle fishing
(spin/bait casters)
-Fly fishing
-Live Bait  (shrimp, pinfish,
-Artificial Bait (jigs, lures)
-Chum,  Squid, ballyhoo
-Light tackle fishing (spin/bait
-Live Bait (ballyhoo)
-Artificial Bait (jigs, lures)
- Chum, Squid, ballyhoo
Boat Specs
-16ft - 20ft boat
-No bathroom
-No shade
-No mate
-25ft – 30ft boat
-Some with bathrooms
-No mate
-38ft – 50ft boat
-Shade; some with A/C
Where to Fish
-Flats (shallow water)
-7 - 30 miles offshore
Primarily Catch & Release
Primarily Food Fish
-Yellowtail Snapper
-Dolphin/Dorado/Mahi Mahi
Food Fish & Catch & Release
-Dolphin/Dorado/Mahi Mahi
-King Mackerel
-Great Barracuda
-Private Charters Only
-1-2 anglers/passengers
-(3rd person extra)
-Private Charters
- 4-6 anglers/passengers
-Private charters -Split/Shared
-6+ anglers/passengers
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    Are you looking for a Reel Vacation?  Then the Florida Keys is the place for you!  Thousands of fishermen come to the
    Florida Keys for sport fishing and fishing tournaments every year.  You'll find excellent saltwater fishing throughout the
    Florida Keys and Key West but Islamorada has been given the title - 'The Fishing Capital of the World'.  The Upper Keys is
    where you'll find the most charter fishing boats, marinas and tackle shops.

    What kind of fishing appeals to you?  Back country or offshore?  Back country and flats fishing is a more relaxed experience.  
    The best backcountry fishing guides have a special blend of talent, knowledge and skill as they pilot you into the wilderness
    of the uninhabited Keys and mangrove shorelines of the Florida Bay or the Gulf.  Fly fishing, light tackle fishing, bone fishing
    and tarpon fishing - all good choices for Florida Keys and Key West flats fishing.

    For offshore fishing, you can choose from a Party Boat Charter ( Fishing Charter Boat ) or a Deep Sea ( Offshore ) Charter.  
    A Deep Sea or Offshore Charter will take you into the Gulf Stream for big game fishing if you are a novice and experienced
    angler looking for challenging and exciting fishing.  Marlin fishing, dolphin fishing, wreck fishing, shark fishing, kingfish
    fishing, tuna fishing - all can be done on a deep sea fishing charter.

    If you don't want to go all the way out to the Gulf Stream, a Party Boat Charter ( Fishing Charter Boat ) may be your best bet.  
    This would also be the best choice for a beginner fisherman or if you wanted to go for a half day only.  Both half day and full-
    day trips are available and some charters go out  at night.  

    Light tackle fishing offshore for grouper, yellowtail snapper, wreck fishing, reef fishing, shark fishing,  kingfish fishing, and
    tuna fishing means more fun fighting the large fish.  

    There are trips to the Dry Tortugas from Key West for bottom fishing, grouper fishing, snapper fishing, and more.
These are
estimates only -
each fishing boat
charter may be

    Upper Keys
    Key Largo (island)
    Key Largo
    North Key Largo
    Plantation Key
    Windley Key
    Upper Matecumbe
    Indian Key
    Lignumvitae Key
    Lower Matecumbe
    Village of Islamorada

    Middle Keys
    Craig Key
    Fiesta Key
    Long Key
    City of Layton
    Conch Key
    Duck Key
    Grassy Key
    Crawl Key
    Long Point Key
    Fat Deer Key
    Key Vaca
    City of Marathon
    City of Key Colony
    Boot Key
    Knight's Key
    Pigeon Key

    Lower Keys
    Little Duck Key
    Missouri Key
    Ohio Key
    Sunshine Key
    Bahia Honda Key
    Spanish Harbor Key
    West Summerland
    No Name Key
    Big Pine Key
    Little Torch Key
    Middle Torch Key
    Big Torch Key
    Ramrod Key
    Summerland Key
    Knockemdown Key
    Cudjoe Key
    Sugarloaf Key
    Park Key
    Lower Sugarloaf Key
    Saddlebunch Keys
    Shark Key
    Geiger Key
    Big Coppitt Key
    East Rockland Key
    Rockland Key
    Boca Chica Key
    Key Haven
    Stock Island
    Key West
    Sigsbee Park
    Fleming Key
    Sunset Key
    Wisteria Island
All About Florida Keys Fishing and Key West Fishing