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All About Florida Keys Fishing & Key West Fishing

    For offshore fishing, you can choose from a Party Boat Charter ( Fishing Charter Boat ) or a
    Deep Sea ( Offshore ) Charter.  A Deep Sea or Offshore Charter will take you into the Gulf
    Stream for big game fishing if you are a angler looking for challenging and exciting fishing.  
    Marlin fishing, dolphin fishing, wreck fishing, shark fishing, kingfish fishing, tuna fishing - all
    can be done on a deep sea fishing charter
    If you don't want to go all the way out to the Gulf Stream, a Party Boat Charter ( Fishing Charter
    Boat ) may be your best bet.  This would also be the best choice for a beginner fisherman or if
    you wanted to go for a half day only.  Both half day and full-day trips are available and some
    charters go out at night.  Light tackle fishing offshore for grouper, yellowtail snapper, wreck
    fishing, reef fishing, shark fishing,  kingfish fishing, and tuna fishing means more fun fighting
    the large fish.  

    And there are back country flats fishing guides that will take you into the Florida Bay or Gulf
    side of the Florida Keys to fish among the mangroves and small, uninhabited Keys.  

    The 'flats' surround all of the Florida Keys.  A flat is a shallow area or sandbar that has grass
    on it mixed with sand or it can be a hard bottom with coral upcroppings.  Fish go to hunt for
    food in these areas.  Through the years flats fishing has gained popularity as being the sport
    fisherman's golf game.  Back country or flats fishing is usually a more relaxed experience than
    offshore fishing.  The best back country fishing guides have a special blend of talent,
    knowledge and skill as they pilot you into the wilderness of the uninhabited Keys and
    mangrove shorelines of the Florida Bay or the Gulf.  Fly fishing, light tackle fishing, bone
    fishing and tarpon fishing - all good choices for Florida Keys and Key West backcountry
    Whatever your preferences are  - game
    fishing in the deep sea, bottom fishing near
    the reef, flats fishing or back country
    fishing on the Gulf side - you’ll find plenty of
    fish in the Florida Keys.  

    And you’ll find plenty of experienced,
    knowledgeable and friendly fishing guides
    to show you where to fish, when to fish and
    what’s biting.  You can rent your own boat
    at many of the marinas in the Florida Keys
    but why not take advantage of our many
    talented charter boat captains to
    experience your Florida Keys fishing
    adventure?  You will find that it’s well worth
    the money!

    There are boat charters that take you into
    the Gulf Stream for deep sea fishing for big
    game fish.  There are fishing charters that
    will take you Oceanside for light tackle
    fishing at the reef or on a wreck.
Keys Fishing
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Did You Know?

Redfish, snook, tarpon,
bonefish, sailfish and
permit over 20 inches in
length have game fish
status, meaning they may
not be sold.
All About Florida Keys Fishing and Key West Fishing